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16 " Atomic Wall Clock Brushed Metal

16 " Atomic Wall Clock Brushed Metal

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The 16 " Atomic Wall Clock Brushed Metal is part of our selection of standard wall clocks. This large, eye-catching wall clock is made by LaCrosse Technology.

Dimensions: 16" Diameter.

All Features:

  • 16" Brushed Metal.
  • Atomic Time. Updates for DST.
  • Atomic time with manual setting.
  • Automatically sets to exact time. Accurate to the second.
  • Automatically updates for daylight saving time (on/off option).
  • 4 time zone settings.

Specifications:. Simple Operation: Insert One AA Alkaline Battery. After signal is received, press Time Zone button to set. Four Time Zone Settings. Daylight Saving Time Option On/Off. Manual Reset Button.

Power requirements: Clock: One AA Alkaline Battery

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