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Guest Blogging is inviting professionals and students from universities to guest blog on our official company blog! Our blog covers the history of wall clocks, design movements, famous wall clock designers, the history of cuckoo clocks, and design ideas using clocks.

We invite our guest bloggers to research and write blogs on any topic related to wall clocks. In addition to the topics listed above, the following topics are also of interest:

  • The mechanism used by clocks to keep time
  • Famous and iconic clocks from around the world (Think Big Ben from London, England)
  • Innovative new clocks and design ideas

Guest bloggers will receive recognition for their work by having the blog post credited to them as authors and a link to their LinkedIn profiles will be provided at the end of the post. No monetary compensation is provided.

The blog should have properly cited references unless the information relies on your personal knowledge. For in text citations you can simply use an exponent number after the sentence to keep things simple. The exponent number should correlate to a citation listed at the end of the post. You can see an example of this on one of our blog posts.

If you are interested in guest blogging please email us at with the subject line "Guest Blogging Idea". 

Thank you!