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Augustus Pugin- Designer of Big Ben

Posted by Aaron Waddell on

Welcome back to the blog! We recently published a post on the Big Ben clock tower in London, England and in that post we mentioned that Augustus Pugin was the designer of the clock tower. We decided to dedicate a blog post to this famous and influential architect and designer.

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin was born on March 1, 1812 and died on September 14, 1852.1 Pugin “was an English architect, designer, artist, and critic”.1 He learned how to draw from his father, Auguste Pugin, who published influential volumes on Gothic architecture.1

Augustus Pugin (the son) is notable for his Gothic Revival style and he designed the interior of the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower) clock tower.1 Pugin was also responsible for designing and decorating many churches located in England, and even a few churches in Ireland and Australia.1

Pugin married a total of three times and had seven children.1 His son Edward Pugin would later become an architect himself.1

Here are several examples of Pugin's work:


Photo of The Grange, Ramsgate (served as Pugin's home). Photo by JackyR. No changes made.


Retrieved from,_Ramsgate_1.jpg

Photo of Clock Tower by David Iliff. No changes made.
Retrieved from:,_London_-_May_2007.jpg


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