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New Blog Series Covering the World's Most Famous Clocks

Posted by Aaron Waddell on

Greetings and welcome to the blog! The Team is always looking for new and exciting topics to blog about and we also happen to share a common love for history. We were brainstorming new ideas for our blog and we have decided to create a new series of blog posts that will cover the world’s most famous clocks! This new series of posts won’t just focus on wall clocks but will also cover famous clock towers and other types of clocks. The posts will describe why each clock is so famous and the history behind each clock. The subject of the next few blog posts will be famous clock towers, such as:

  • Big Ben, United Kingdom
  • Montreal Clock Tower, Canada
  • The Peace Tower, Canada
  • Sapporo Clock Tower, Japan
  • Rajabai Clock Tower, India
  • Jam Gadang (translated as “Big Clock”), Indonesia


We hope you enjoy our upcoming series of blog posts on the famous clock towers of the world!

-The Team

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