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George Nelson and Mid-century Modern Wall Clocks

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Hello and welcome to the blog! Our last blog post covered the mid-century modern design movement that characterized decades of American architecture and interior design in the 20th century. This design movement inspired many of the mid-century modern wall clocks that we sell on our site. Today’s post will further our discussion of the mid-century modern design movement by introducing one of the participating designers, George Nelson. Many of our wall clocks in the mid-century collection are based on George Nelson’s designs.

George Nelson was born on May 29th, 1908 in Hartford, Connecticut.1 He attended Hartford Public High before enrolling at Yale University, where he pursued a degree in architecture.1 Nelson was not immediately drawn to architecture as a career choice.1 Instead, the catalyst for Nelson’s interest in design and architecture was a rainstorm at Yale that forced him to take cover in the architectural building, where he was exposed to students’ work.1 In addition to his degree in architecture, George Nelson would later earn an additional bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Yale.1

Nelson, a year after earning his second degree, was provided the opportunity to study abroad in Rome for a year.1 Studying abroad in Rome provided him with the chance to travel Europe and meet many influential architects.1 He would also meet his wife, Frances Hollister, in Rome.1 After returning to the United States, Nelson would become an editor for the Architectural Forum magazine.1

In 1947, Nelson was hired as the Director of Design for the Herman Miller furniture company.1 Nelson occupied this position until 1972.1  Working together with Herman Miller and his design studio, George Nelson Associates, Inc., Nelson would design “much of the 20th century’s most iconic modernist furniture”.1

George Nelson died on March 5th, 1986 at 77 years of age.1

Below you can see several of the wall clocks inspired by George Nelson’s designs.



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