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History of the Mid-Century Modern Movement

Posted by Aaron Waddell on

Welcome to the blog! Here at we offer a wide variety of decorative wall clocks, but some of our favorite clocks are part of our mid-century modern collection.

The clocks in the mid-century modern collection have a distinctive style that pull from interior design ideas that surfaced in the mid-20th century. After World War II, a new design movement was erupting onto the scene, known as the mid-century modern design movement.1 (The name of the movement also become the name of the style of clocks)

The mid-century modern design movement was kick started by a group of architects who came to the United States in order to flee Nazi Germany.1 This group of architects became very prominent and held positions at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Graduate School and the Illinois Institute of Technology.1 Their design philosophy involved the use of spacious floor plans, large windows and sliding-glass doors to provide intimacy with nature, flat planes for roofs and multi-tiered rooms to create interest.1 Many of these design elements can be found in homes that were built from 1945 to the 80’s.1

The same use of flat planes and multiple levels can be seen in many of the mid-century modern wall clocks featured on our site. To illustrate, take a look at the following photos of mid-century modern wall clocks offered for sale on our site…

Therefore, the wall clocks in the mid-century modern collection are not just beautiful and eye-catching, but are inspired by a historical design movement that helped shape decades of American architecture and interior design.

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